You Spend Thousands on Hockey Equipment, Instruction, and Travel for Sports. Make the Most of Your Investment by Getting the Fuel You Need to Become the Best You Can Possibly Be!


"I can see the Champion in every hockey player."

-Pearle Nerenberg, sports dietitian and hockey nutrition expert


I invite you to join the Hockey Champions: a sports nutrition membership

YES! SAVE MY SPOT! A Championship Hockey Season Awaits You

As a hockey parent, I know you probably...

  • Want to help your child reach their hockey goals and play at the elite level by giving them the best possible nutrition at home - but you wonder how to do this.
  • Feel like you’re kind of “winging it” when it comes to feeding your athlete before (and after) practices and games. You’re pretty sure your child doesn’t eat properly, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it.
  • Want your athlete to develop consistent speed, energy, and power on the ice – but you have no idea how food can help with that goal.
  • Feel a little overwhelmed about everything you need to learn about nutrition before you can start putting together healthy meals for your child. Calories? Protein? Carbs? You’re thinking, “Just give me some simple meal plans, please!”

As a parent you want to give your young athlete the path to avoid career sabotage...

"I watched my friend go from a Junior Major top hockey prospect to a lost boy, taking hormone injections to build muscle. He was caught and suspended for life from hockey and he still lives the life of an addict. I wish it wasn't so."

- Caroline

The good news is...there is another way.

Imagine if you could:

  • Plan perfectly balanced meals and snacks every week, without a lot of effort.
  • Prepare simple, delicious, affordable food for your entire family that also helps your teen or pre-teen athlete achieve their goals.
  • Have your child create habits that give them consistently high energy all day, so they perform at their best at each practice and game.
  • Increase your child’s chances of getting scouted and marked as a top player by boosting their performance and giving them every possible advantage on the ice every single day.


You can get in the program built by an elite level sports dietitian with 100% input from real hockey players

(read about their success stories below)! 



"I have gained 6 pounds since I have started the program and I have better energy levels since I started to incorporate superfoods and greens into my diet."

- Dimitri

Followed Cycle 8

"It's that feeling of endless energy and the powerful explosiveness at the pivotal moment I need it in front of the net..."

Membership in the "Hockey Champions" promises you more confidence in your food choices and a deeper understanding of how food determines performance. Membership is for those who are seeking to take their hockey game to the next level.

The Elite Champions


AUGUST 16, 2018 - JUNE 1, 2019


  • Everything in the monthly membership
  • More than 2 months free!
  • The 2018-2019 Hockey Season Success Plan (a 178 page season long program)
  • 12 extra group coaching sessions

The Champions




  • A group training session to start every 40 day program
  • Access to all sports nutrition training videos (over 40)
  • Priority live support on weekly presentations

Hockey Players have until August 15. Don't miss this opportunity to start your season off right!









Amazing results are possible – even if you’re not sure where to start, and even if you’re skeptical about whether or not nutrition can make a difference in your child’s athletic performance.

Spoiler alert: It makes a huge difference! But we’ll talk more about that in a minute (I’ll even give you the three secrets to helping your child become the star player on their team!)

I’m Not Just a Nutritionist, I’m Also a Hockey Player.


Hi, I’m Pearle Nerenberg, and I’m a registered sports dietitian trained at the masters level in sports nutrition. I specialize in matching the energy you need to the energy you eat.

I've recently worked with

I run a private nutrition practice where I help teen athletes use diet to gain a competitive edge, and my specialty is translating technical and scientific nutrition information into practical, easy-to-implement systems that families can use in their everyday lives.

I have degrees in Nutrition from Cornell University and McGill University, and I also hold the International Olympic Committee’s sports nutrition diploma.

In the past, I’ve worked with NHL franchises, players in the Quebec Junior Major League, NCAA, CIS, and National Team. I am the dietitian for Les Canadiennes de Montreal, and have been a regular nutrition expert on local media outlets.

Here’s the part that makes me different, though: 

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I was also a competitive hockey player here in Canada. I started playing club hockey at 4 years old, and the highlight of my hockey career was playing for a Division I NCAA program at Cornell University.

I understand hockey families. I know it can be difficult to feed a young athlete while trying to keep the rest of the family happy and healthy, too.

"What I liked most about this program was the structure..."

"What I liked most about this program was the structure you gave us. Supplying us with the performance food list and then guiding us to making a meal plan tailored to our own tastes. I also liked how every week you gave us a new food to focus on and expand our comfort zones. Having the subscription to the online recipe book was very helpful when figuring out healthy recipes. I thought the video of you showing us how to make our own sports drink was the coolest thing. Overall your passion and willingness to put time aside to talk with each one of us made this experience very helpful and I learned a lot about my diet and what food/snacks maximize my potential in hockey."

- Justyn
Elite Hockey Prospect


I Knew I Wanted to Take a Different Approach to Sports Nutrition.

When I worked as a nutritionist for a National Hockey League team, I was shocked by the prevailing attitude about nutrition.

It was surprisingly difficult to convince the coaching staff and players that nutrition was important.

Many of the players would think, “I’m already one of the top players in the NHL, and I got here by eating burgers and pizza. Why should I change anything now?”

During that time, I realized I wanted to change the whole conversation about hockey and nutrition.

I started to work with younger players at an earlier stage in their hockey careers. I soon saw the results. These young athletes were more easily surpassing their competition when they followed my advice.

By proving to teen athletes and their parents what a difference good nutrition can make in a player’s day-to-day performance on the ice, I was helping them achieve their biggest hockey dreams. It felt great, so I kept on this path of bringing high energy sports nutrition to the hockey world.

Over the last decade, I have working on translating the complex scientific principles of sports nutrition into practical and useful information for you. I developed the cheat sheets needed to prepare healthy meals and snacks, recover from injury, and use supplements the right way. Jargon-free advice is my thing, I aim to keep it simple, always.

With that goal in mind, I co-authored the book Eat This for Performance in Hockey in 2014, and a few years later, I built my own online company.

I admire you for your nutrition journey.

First I start with accepting where you are at with nutrition and acknowledging just how far you have come already. However, let me share with you how much of a game changer it is when kids learn to master physical energy. They can become the absolute best players they can be – and they can do it in a way that feels joyful and fun.

Over and over again in my work with hockey families, I see the results they get when they put my practical systems and tools in place.

I know how important this information is, and what an incredible shift young players can make when they focus on fueling their bodies the right way – and that’s exactly why I’ve created my new online program, Hockey Champions.

"Thomas is really into it! He did all the 4 steps of the challenge (the goals, etc) he is asking me to help him prepare his breakfast and picking a snack recipe from your collection. He was having lunch at the school cafeteria today and texted me what energizer he should have 😊 "

Marie-Claude Potvin
Hockey Mom

The Real Secrets to Becoming the Star Player on the Team

Every year, I see young hockey players struggling to play their best on a consistent basis.

They wonder why they’re exhausted during third period, or why a seemingly healthy option (like a salad) can actually make them sick during practice.

Or they wonder why they can’t seem to put on muscle, despite their best efforts.

Their parents see them struggling, and they come to me, saying, “I wish I could figure this out. I try to make healthy choices, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Then I see other kids who seem to thrive on the ice every day. They consistently have incredibly high energy during every game and practice, and they’re the star players on their teams.

These players are able to reach the elite levels, and they get noticed by coaches and scouts.

So what’s the difference?

Yes, these “stars” are good players – but they’ve also got a secret weapon.

And that weapon is nutrition.

Consistency at the table leads to consistency on the ice.

Yes, nutrition really does make that much of a difference on the ice.

So what are the three key secrets you need to know about fueling your hockey player, and helping them reach the next level in their career?

Secret #1: You don’t need to get a university degree in nutrition to feed an athlete well.

One of the first thing parents often do when they want to learn more about eating for performance is dive into learning scientific nutrition information.

They load up on facts about calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and macronutrients, and find out everything they can about increasing performance with nutrition.

By the time they’re done, they feel like they’re halfway to earning a degree in nutrition – but unfortunately, they’re still not quite sure what to cook for dinner.

But there is another way to learn how to help your child reach the next level.

You don’t need to become an expert in nutrition and you don’t need to learn how to calculate the exact calorie count of every single morsel that goes into your child’s mouth.

You can learn the basic fundamentals of sports nutrition and focus on applying that information in practical, easy-to-implement ways every day.

My job is to make nutrition easy and fun for every family – and that’s exactly what I teach.

Secret #2: Buying a 30-day meal plan isn’t enough.

There are a lot people online who sell pre-made, 30-day meal plans.

These plans spell out every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you, and give you recipes for every meal, so all you need to do is buy the ingredients and start whipping up meals.

My question is – what happens after that 30 days has passed?

A lot of hockey families ended up failing when they hit the end of their initial meal plans, because they don’t have the skills to plan their own meals and create their own recipes.

I think that’s a shame, because I can see the desire to succeed and to help their kids is there….they just don’t have the right tools yet.

To set yourself up for success, you need to create your own toolbox of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that you can return to again and again.

It’s also critical that you practice doing your own meal planning every week, so the process becomes automatic, and you can do it in just a few minutes.

These habits don’t have to be miserable and annoying, either – there are ways to make it a joyful process!

Meal planning is just a muscle you need to exercise, like any other...with a little practice, you’ll be creating meal plans like a pro!

"small tweaks to my diet and that’s all it took to make a difference..."

"I’ve had a great experience with Pearle and Eat this for Performance so far. I’ve gained weight, which has always been something that I struggled with. Additionally, the weight that I gained was all muscle and I noticed that I looked a lot leaner too. What separates this program from the rest is that it was more about changing your eating habits and not necessarily being on a strict diet. Going into this program I already ate pretty healthy and I found that I was only making small tweaks to my diet and that’s all it took to make a difference. I would recommend Pearle to anyone looking to take their food habits to the next level."

- Ryan
Elite Hockey Prospect


Secret #3: There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to nutrition.

There are a lot of coaches, sports dietitians, and health professionals who think chocolate milk is the perfect recovery food for every hockey player.

I don’t agree.

Chocolate milk is questionable as a muscle-building recovery food, and it also contains a lot of sugar.

But my biggest issue with coaches or parents giving chocolate milk to the entire team after a game is that every child is completely different.  

You can’t say “Chocolate milk is the right recovery food for everyone” because each child has their own specific nutrition needs.

One player might need chocolate milk after practice – but the child right next to him might be better off going home and eating a full dinner with his family instead.

Giving the entire team the same recovery food is like saying, “Everyone on this team has the exact same skills on the ice – so everyone needs to work on learning how to slap shot.”

That’s not the case, of course. Some child need to work on their backwards skating.

The bottom line is that every kid is in a different place with regards to nutrition, so it’s critical that you customize a nutrition plan for your specific athlete.

That’s exactly what I teach families to do in my new online program.


A sports nutrition membership with mini-courses, a professional nutrition guide and plan to take your game to the next level 40 days at a time.

The Champions is the step-by-step sports nutrition program that will show you exactly how to help your hockey player reach the elite level in their hockey career by fueling their body with the best possible nutrition. It is possible to use the power of nutrition to give your child consistently high energy and great endurance during all their games and practices.


It is possible EVEN IF...

  • Your athlete is incredibly picky and the idea of trying to get them to eat new foods scares the heck out of you.
  • Your schedule is incredibly hectic, and you have no time to fit in fancy meal planning or prep.
  • Sports nutrition or "eating for performance" seems like a total mystery to you right now.

In this program you are guided to take performance to a whole other level...

I take you on a journey 40 days at a time because 40 days is enough time to become a champion...

The first week

Your nutrition world turns into the happiest place to eat as you learn the magic of creating performance nutrition goals.

Every week

Your food choices become more and more confident as you listen to the course videos and join the weekly meal planning sessions.

Live Coaching

You get VIP coaching style support in all ET4P broadcasts. Your questions get answered ahead of everyone else's. We promise a minimum of 2 sessions a week! 

After 40 Days...

We pause and celebrate your successes for an important moment. Then we take 1 week off of group coaching before looking ahead to the next level you want to attain in 40 days!

"I have read many articles and books on healthy eating. This program is totally different because it started with a concrete performance goal , not just abstract notions about health and lifestyle. For an athlete, this is far more motivating, especially when the results come, as they did for my 13 year old hockey player. It is not a quick fix because  it requires commitment and hard work. But if you do it, the knowledge and tools are yours forever."

- Joanne

Champions Year Member

"At the beginning, I sort of didn’t believe changing my eating was going to make a difference. But then I went to 2 tournaments and both weekends I played TOTALLY different. I didn’t lose energy in the afternoons or on the third day like I usually do. And I felt really good in all my games. I am so happy I listened to Pearle and I can’t wait for next season!!!!"



- Toby

Champions Year Member



  • Exactly what to feed your child (and when to feed them) before practices and games to fuel their body consistently, increase their endurance, and make them feel great on the ice.
  • How to prepare quick, easy, delicious meals and snacks that will fuel your athlete AND satisfy the rest of the family, too.
  • How to choose the best recovery foods for your child, and how to incorporate preparing those foods into your day.
  • My best tips for helping picky eaters learn to love vegetables and other nutritious foods.

Imagine paying for your sports nutrition program once and getting more and more and more value with each passing day...

This is a membership site because it will be getting better and better with each passing day, week, and month. I will offer you some incredible value right out of the gates and I will keep adding mini-courses to your membership every month! These mini-courses are sooo good.... you will wish you watched them years ago!

Look at what is available now for your immediate viewing with your membership in Hockey Champions...


4 steps to creating your personalized performance food list


The 4-key moments to eat around games and practices cheat-sheet + videos


5 situations to use the super-powers of food to your advantage


The mini-course on how to measure your body and when to measure your body 


Meal and snack recipes simple enough for beginners


Know when to consider a protein powder and how to go about selecting one


The mini-course on when a food is performance enhancing and when it is not

"The organization, planning, information, and knowledge I have gained are second to none..."

"The program that I have used while working with Pearle has helped me really gain control of the nutrition aspect of training and helped me reach the goals I set when i first started the program. The organization, planning, information, and knowledge I have gained are second to none, allowing me to understand how my body works and what I can do to perform at my highest levels in the gym and on the ice."

Elite Hockey Prospect


Get excited for the mini-courses coming next!

Every week we are recording new mini-courses as you request them. Here are just a few of the ones coming out soon!


A 3 step guide to the organized kitchen of your dreams


A 5 step template to get perfectly fuelled during an entire hockey tournament


Exactly, what supplements to take when you are sick


Your guide to the perfect hockey body

"Now following Pearle’s program, and my 13 year old took most of the the protein (muscle-builders) out of pre-practice smoothies and snacks. She now has high-carb/fruit if she is playing early (within 1-2 hours) and we save the muscle-builders and superfoods for right after. "

Joanne K.
Hockey Mom

"Thank you! The words 'carrots will help your peripheral vision in hockey' actually came out of my mouth at the dinner table tonight!! Honestly. Pearle’s wisdom has already helped my kids!!! "

Bethany McCauley
Hockey Mom

Join The Hockey Champions Membership Today, and You’ll Get:

  • One year of access to all the amazing mini courses part of the Hockey Champions program, so you can help your child reach the next level in their hockey career.
  • Group coaching sessions (led by me) every month.
  • Motivation and support 3 times per week.
  • Information-packed, bite-sized videos on every topic we cover.
  • Live meal-planning sessions.
  • Step-by-step goal planning assistance during every session.
  • The opportunity to win prizes by staying engaged in the program.
  • The cheatsheets part of the Hockey Champions season success plan.  


Which Option Works Best for YOU?

The Elite Champions




The Champions





When you purchase The Champions season membership you also get these special bonuses:

BONUS #1: More than 2 months free!

BONUS #2: The amazon best-seller The Hockey Season Success Plan included as a downloadable PDF

BONUS #3: 12 extra group coaching sessions so all your questions get answered.

The year program is a no brainer.

You get Olympic level sports nutrition coaching for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week!

My Hassle-Free Guarantee

On the fence about joining us for the Champions membership? I want to give you every chance to try the program with confidence, so I’m offering a hassle-free guarantee.

The guarantee: I guarantee that if you put in the work and see no results from this program, I’d be happy to give you a refund within 21 days of your purchase on the condition that you show ample proof of implementation. Some say it takes 21 days to integrate something new, so let's give it 21 days together!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Champions Membership

 “Is this suitable for the whole family, or am I going to need to make special meals and snacks for our hockey player?”

That’s what’s unique about The Champions – the meals and snacks I recommend are perfect for the whole family.

You won’t have to be a short-order cook or prepare special meals for your athlete. And the best part is that you’ll be creating a toolbox of recipes that your whole family loves.

“Am I going to have to buy a lot of expensive supplements to do this program?”

A lot of hockey players believe they absolutely must drink protein shakes or load up on protein supplements to reach their goals.

The truth is, until you’re an adult, you can get all the muscle-building power you need from protein-rich foods. You just need to eat them at the right times, and in the right amounts.

I always tell teen and pre-teen athletes to optimize their food first, before adding supplements. 

Supplements are the cherry on top of the sundae, so to speak.

There will be a module in this program about using extra supplements, but it’s not something you must do – and I won’t be pushing you to buy a particular brand of supplement, either.

“I’m a university player, and I cook for myself. Would this program be a good fit for me?”

Absolutely! This program will teach you how to do proper meal planning, create easy, delicious meals and snacks, and get the nutrition you need to get to the next level in your hockey career. Everything I teach in this program applies to you!

“Can’t I just feed my kid healthy meals?”

To tell you the truth, I kind of hate using the term “healthy” to describe nutrition. What does that really mean, anyway?

“Healthy” could mean something entirely different for your school-age athlete than it does for you and me. 

An athlete may need an entirely different combination of foods than a non-athlete – and they need to eat them at the right times so they’re in tip-top shape for practices and games.

The idea behind this program is that you’ll learn how to give your child the meals and snacks they need to reach their goals.

The good news is that these foods are also “healthy” for the whole family!

“I’m already swamped. How much time am I going to have to devote to this program?”

Many parts of the program are self-paced, so you’ll be able to go through them at your own rate.

I’d say that at a minimum, you should be ready to invest at least 1 hour per week to this program if you want to join us for the live calls and meal planning planning sessions. However, we will be recording all sessions so you can break up the hour into 5 to 15 minute segments.

That’s actually a small investment, considering how much time and energy you’ve already spent supporting your child’s hockey career!

“How long will I have access to the course?” 

When you sign up for the course today, you’ll get access to the membership area for one year. After that, you’ll be able to extend your membership on a month-by-month or annual basis.

The Elite Champions




The Champions




"I can’t recommend this program enough..."

"I thought “eating healthy” WAS “eating for performance”... wrong! Even when I was a national team athlete, I had no idea how important it was to eat the right foods at the right times in the right portions. I worked through this program with my hockey-obsessed constantly on-the-athletic-go 13 year old daughter and it ended being a game changer. She learned how to make her own nutrition decisions, and I learned how to support her (which included nutritional benefits for the whole family). 3 weeks in we saw noticeable improvements to her stamina and even mood. We haven’t looked back! I can’t recommend this program enough."

- Joanne
Hockey Mom


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